vineyard keyneton


Region: Eden Valley
Varieties: Shiraz
Altitude: 410-420m
Rainfall: 600mm
Soil type: Leached sandy loam over bedrock

This vineyard is situated between the townships of Eden Valley and Keyneton in the central part of the Eden Valley region.

The rainfall diminishes and temperatures increase the further east one travels from the township of Eden Valley towards Keyneton. This area of Eden Valley produces very complex Shiraz wines that display hallmark characteristics, unique to cool climate Shiraz.

The soils are typical grey sandy loams of low pH and low fertility, that assist in limiting the naturally vigorous growing Shiraz variety.

This vineyard is in excess of 45 years old, producing miniscule yields. Eden Valley is a very difficult region for vignerons to make returns with such low yielding vineyard, combine this with the scarcity of water has seen many vineyards uprooted. Fortunately for those vignerons that persevere the fruit quality can be outstanding. This vineyard produces Shiraz for our Remus wine.