vineyard lightpass

Light Pass

Region: Barossa Valley
Varieties: Shiraz, Grenache & Viognier
Altitude: 305-325m
Rainfall: 500mm annually
Soil type: Red loam to clay over limestone

The Light Pass vineyard is situated on the eastern foothills of the Barossa Valley, giving it elevation above the valley floor. This site regularly receives cooling ‘gully winds’ in the late afternoon and throughout the evening as the cooler air from the neighbouring Eden Valley replaces the warmer valley floor air.

The soils are red-sandy loams tending to clay over limestone - excellent for the production of full flavoured red wines. This vineyard produces Shiraz for our Romulus, Grenache for our Kennedy, and Viognier for the Zephyrus wines.

The old vine Shiraz consistently produces fruit with layers of flavour and high colour, the basis of our Romulus Shiraz. The old vine Grenache produces small berries, often thought to be a clonal characteristic, and abundant concentration of flavour.