vineyard moppa


Region: Barossa Valley
Varieties: Shiraz & Mourvedre
Altitude: 310m
Rainfall: 500mm annually
Soil type: Sand and clay over ironstone

The Moppa vineyard is situated on the northern end of the Barossa Valley with a slight elevation above the valley floor.

This site is entirely dry grown and is less effected by the sea breezes and gully winds that buffer many of our other vineyards. The result is hotter, drier conditions than many other areas of the Barossa Valley throughout the growing season.

The soils are sandy-loam tending to red-clay over ironstone which gives the vines very little to survive on, but is the secret to the quality of the fruit produced.

The vine canopies are on the smaller side as are the crop levels but they consistently produce incredibly small berried, full flavoured red wines.

While the vineyard age is not exactly known it is estimated to be be more than 40 years old. This vineyard produces Shiraz for our Romulus and Mourvedre for our Kennedy wines.