Quintessential Shiraz
Barossa / Eden Valley

Quintessential Shiraz 6 Pack


Remus old vine Eden Valley 2018 x 2

Romulus old vine Barossa Valley 2018 x 2

Zephyrus Barossa 2020 x 2

We are pleased to offer our Quintessential Shiraz Pack which includes six standout wines from the Barossa.

Grape Variety:

  • Remus 2018 old vine Shiraz Eden Valley
  • |
  • Romulus 2018 old vine Shiraz Barossa Valley
  • |
  • Zephyrus 2020 Shiraz Barossa

Remus old vine Shiraz 2018
Hand harvested, destemmed and crushed into small 1.5 tonne open topped fermenters. Selected fermenters had up to 20% whole-bunch clusters added to the destemmed berries. A pre-fermentation cold soak ensured a slow initiation to fermentation, where temperatures were allowed to peak at 27oC before being cooled to 20oC for the remainder of the fermentation. Hand plunged daily allowed for a gentle extraction and helped to prolong the fermentation. After an extended period on skins the ferments were pressed to 50% new French oak hogsheads. Matured and not racked throughout the 18-month oak-maturation period provided for palate weight and texture. Prior to bottling, the wine was naturally clarified and bottled without filtration.

Romulus old vine Shiraz 2018
Hand harvested, destemmed and crushed into small 1.5 tonne open topped fermenters. The fruit was chilled for 5 days before being allowed to naturally warm to start fermentation. To highlight the unique vineyard charcateristics a range of hand plunging cap management techniques were used across the different vineyard parcels. Post-pressing, the wines were transferred to a combination of new (50%) and seasoned French oak hogsheads. Matured for 18 months in oak without racking, the wines were then carefully blended, naturally clarified and bottled without filtration.

Zephyrus Shiraz 2020
Fruit grown throughout the Barossa region this wine is a blend of 10 unique vineyard sites. A combination of cooler climate Eden Valley Shiraz (53%) and warmer climate Barossa Valley Shiraz (47%) work in unison to create a well-balanced wine.

Using an array of fermentation techniques, all involving extended skin contact and gentle hand-plunging. Each of the fermentations retained varying levels of whole-bunch fruit clusters from 10 to 35%, then after 12-18 days on skins each ferment was pressed into a mix of new (35%) and conditioned French oak hogsheads. After a maturation of 12 months the wine was blended, naturally clarified and bottled without finings or filtration.

The Barossa is synonymous with Shiraz, but what is not well understood is the diversity of expression the variety displays from site to site. There is a large temperature range from the warmer extremes of the western Barossa Valley through to the outright cold High Eden sub-region of Eden Valley.

Temperature variability combined with an array of soil differences and other site specific characteristics, leads to a fascinating selection of fruit from which to craft world class Shiraz.

The passion for growing and making Shiraz has been resolute over our combined 50 Barossa vintages. We source fruit from 26 unique vineyard sites across the breadth of the Barossa, keeping each harvest batch separate from fermentation through to the completion of barrel maturation. Meticulous selection and blending processes across the 50 plus unique, small, hand-crafted batches, provides characteristics that build interesting and expressive wines reflective of their site and vintage.

Remus old vine Shiraz 2018 – Optimum year 2029+
Romulus old vine Shiraz 2018 – Optimum year 2029+
Zephyrus Shiraz 2020 – Optimum year 2028



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