Sons of Eden
Eden Valley

$338.00 $300.00

Freya Riesling 2019 x 10

Cirrus ‘Single Vineyard’ Riesling 2018 x 1

Freya ‘Cellar Release’ Riesling 2013 x 1

Unlike many other varieties, Riesling quality is very receptive to the region in which it is grown. Eden Valley brings out the best in this variety thanks to its climate, geology and topography. Typical cool nights and warm days together with dry conditions throughout the critical ripening period ensures the fruit is harvested with near perfect natural ripeness.

Together with the pristine citrus aromas the hallmark natural acidity enables the wines to age gracefully. This pack includes a selected  ‘cellar release’ vintage of Freya that has been carefully matured for your enjoyment.

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